Brachiosaurus Altithorax






Late Jurassic, 156 million years ago

Where he lived?

USA(Colorado), Africa(Tanzania), and Europe(Portugal)










Its name means arm lizard with a deep thorax. It was one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs. With its huge front legs and very long neck, it could feed higher than most other dinosaurs. It had a large skull from which a large bulge stood out. This characteristic bony bar in the middle of the forehead served to separate the two nostrils.


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A Look at the Gentle Giant of the Mesozoic Era
Brachiosaurus, whose name conjures up images of majestic creatures with necks that touch the sky, was undoubtedly one of the most impressive giants to ever walk the Earth. This dinosaur, whose name means "deep-thorax arm lizard" because of its huge forelegs and deep thorax, has fascinated generations with its colossal size and gentle nature. Imagine strolling through the vast green landscape of Dinosaurland, in Porto Cristo (Mallorca), and coming face to face with this prehistoric wonder.


A Huge One Among the Treetops

Brachiosaurus dominated the landscapes of North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa with a presence that can only be described as monumental. This herbivorous dinosaur, with a neck length of 12 meters, did not need to stand on its hind legs to feed in the treetops. Its forelegs, longer than its hind legs, gave it a forward-leaning posture, similar to that of modern giraffes, allowing it access to a buffet of leaves unattainable to other dinosaurs.

A Legacy that Transcends Time

The presence of Brachiosaurus on several continents speaks to its evolutionary success and adaptability. To imagine a herd of Brachiosaurus moving slowly across the landscapes of ancient Earth is a reminder of the wondrous diversity of life that has existed on our planet. This dinosaur is not only a witness to the magnificence of nature, but also serves as an icon of human curiosity and wonder at the natural world.

Big Heart

One of the most amazing features of Brachiosaurus was its large heart, powerful and vital for pumping blood to its elevated head. Scientists speculate that, when not eating, this dinosaur may have carried its neck in a horizontal position to promote circulation. It has even been suggested that they may have had a sort of "second heart" in their neck to facilitate this pumping, although this theory is still under debate among paleontologists.


A Skull that Told Stories

The Brachiosaurus skull, large and with a distinctive bulge in the middle of the forehead, was not only an impressive physical feature; it also served to separate the two nostrils. This detail not only tells us about its unique adaptations, but also invites us to imagine what this giant would have looked like, feeding quietly among the dense prehistoric vegetation.

Visítanos y Descubre al Brachiosaurus

El Brachiosaurus, con su impresionante altura y su pacífica naturaleza herbívora, sigue siendo uno de los dinosaurios más queridos y fascinantes. Su legado, plasmado en los fósiles que hemos descubierto y en las historias que hemos imaginado, continúa inspirando a científicos, soñadores y visitantes de nuestro parque. Te invitamos a explorar el mundo de estos gigantes prehistóricos y a dejarte maravillar por la historia que continúan contándonos, una que nos recuerda la extraordinaria saga de la vida en nuestro planeta.

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